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Happy thanksgiving!


My Birthday! :)

My boyfriend just bought this for me. :)

→ and I am done with my graceless heart: 15 WAYS BEING A BARISTA IS LIKE BEING A STRIPPER

1. I have regulars and I know what they like.

2. I work for tips.

3. There’s a whole lotta grinding.

4. I don’t know why I bother wearing makeup when all I’m going to do is sweat it off.

5. “Would you like whipped cream on that?”


7. “One pump, or…

So who wants some awesome news??

I went ahead and contacted the shop who makes the kawaii coffee inspired jewelry, and she has decided to give my followers 10% off on her jewelry!

I’ll be getting her discount code and rules and regulations and post them tomorrow!

Yay! Kawaii coffee jewelry for everyone!

Question time! (yet again)

So at our coffee shop we are throwing around the idea of a “order coffee through text service.”

You know you’ll be passing through town in ten minutes. You are dying for a mocha but you fear a big line may make you late. Ah ha! I will text my favorite happy lovely beautiful Bohemian Barista ahead of time and pick up my quad shot mocha with extra whipped cream in exactly 7 minutes!

So yeah…

Is this a good idea?

Would you text your coffee shop in attempt to achieve ultimate efficiency?

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